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Opération Enfant Soleil

Opération Enfant Soleil

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3000.00$ donation to Opération Enfant Soleil
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Operations Summary

MAY 13th, 2015 09h00 AM

The first lawn care treatment is already started. We thank you for your vote of confidence.

We are still working on damage's repair and everything should be done for the end of May.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions at 450.444.7222 or request a free quote via our website.

Consult our horticultural calendar to begin work on the lawn.

The trick of the month:

-Rake the lawn with a leaf rake as soon as one can walk on the lawn without leaving traces.

-Check the thickness of thatch; if more than 1/2" or 1.25 cm, make mechanical dethatching.

-Repair damaged lawn with garden soil and seeds of excellent quality.

-Do a top soil dressing; this practice consists of spreading a thin layer (.5 to 1 cm) of excellent quality garden soil on all the lawn, generally following lawn aeration. If the lawn is not dense, you can add some seeds.

-Cut the lawn 2.5" or 6.25 cm height. Remember the principle which one should never remove more than one third of the length of the lawn. If the lawn is too long, cut it in two steps at a few days of interval.

-Fertilize the lawn.

-Treat for crabgrass and oxalis, if you did not overseed in May.

-If you have new plantations, a cedar hedge, small trees and/or sick trees, it is the best period to fertilize them.


THE BEST LOOKING LAWN, GARANTEED!Les Jardins de Brossard and Traitements de Pelouse La Prairie, your #1 local companies, would like the opportunity to add you to our family of satisfied customers and help improve the appearance of your lawn and landscape.

Receive our mower measure and a rain gage for free!

When you ask a free fertilization estimate online. If you are already a customer, you can also receive our premium gift free, simply send us an email in the Contact Us section.

We truly can make a difference. Our professional-grade programs use special blends of fertilizer to encourage maximum health and coloration of your lawn. We will control weeds* and insects** activity throughout the year. Our full program customers receive free resprays and service calls. We also offer additional services such as aeration, insect control, lime treatment, tree and shrub care (fertilization and insect control program).

New for 2014: Emerald ash borer treatment.

We are the white grub specialist. Do not hesitate to communicate with us for more information. We will be very happy to discuss your snow removal or/and lawn fertilization program needs. It will be a great pleasure to serve you.

Thank you very much for your vote of confidence!

— The fertilization team.

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